Creating beautiful gardens which resonate with you, your home and the landscape around you.


Your garden should be a space you love to spend time in, relaxing or socialising, working or resting; a space which inspires you and has the power to uplift and nourish your soul; a space that is ecologically sustainable and that rewards you for the time you spend maintaining it; a space you are proud of and which adds value to your home.

If creating that space feels overwhelming, working with a designer helps remove the worry about ‘’getting it right’. Together we can transform your garden into a space you adore. My approach is bespoke, flexible and accommodating – there is no ‘one-size fits all’ approach. Every landscape has different demands, and every client has different needs so it is about finding the right solution to create the perfect garden for you.


From small city courtyards to large informal family spaces, every design represents the unique connection between you, your garden, your home, your lifestyle and the landscape beyond.

A well-designed garden can have an immensely positive impact on your well-being, creating a space which feels uplifting and renewing and in which you feel at home from the moment it is created.


A garden that is balanced and beautiful is a joy to spend time in. Seamless transitions between spaces and strong detailing provide rhythm and cohesion to your entire garden so that it can be enjoyed from any angle.

By remaining true to the character of both the site and the house, a professional garden design will make the transition between inside and out feel seamless and natural, connected and inspired, delivering on a subconscious level which just feels ‘right’.

Understand: One step at a time

Whether you would like to renew the design and planting scheme of your whole garden, just a section, a bed or border or simply need a little guidance and inspiration, I will work with you to understand your needs and offer creative solutions for a garden that is a both functional and a delight to spend time in.

Connect: Initial Discussion

The design process starts with a conversation followed by a no obligation meeting. This is an opportunity for me to look at your garden and for you to share your ideas and discuss your requirements. My role as a designer is to guide you through the steps of the design process from concept to completion. Following our initial discussion, I will send you a fee proposal with a summary of your requirements. Together we will then develop a detailed brief of the work to be done. This ensures I capture the details which will make your garden a place that brings you immense joy.

Observe: Site Analysis and Survey

Before the design work begins, an analysis and site survey are required to measure your existing garden. This provides the technical details which are vital in creating accurate plans and prevent unnecessary expenditure and design changes later in the process. Depending on the size, aspect, gradient of your garden, a professional topographical survey may also be required.

If your garden is in a sensitive location, a full Landscape and Visual Impact Assessment (LVIA) may be required as part of the planning process. We can discuss whether this is needed.

Create: Your Design

The brief for your garden design will inform and guide the design process and I will lead you on a creative journey where you can take ownership of the design solutions. The outline plan, presented as a 2D scaled drawing, will show you how your garden will look from above. 3D images can also be included to help you visualise how your garden will look from different angles.

We will talk through any refinements you may like to make. and when you are happy with the outline design, I will produce concepts and design drawings with detailed specifications to enable the landscapers to quote accurately for the build phase of your garden.

Harmony: Construction

You will see your garden take shape as the construction progresses. I will be on hand to answer any queries and ensure that the hard landscaping elements of your design are brought to life.

Nourish: Planting Plan

A planting scheme is integral to any garden design and colour, shape, texture, seasonality, scent, size, soil and maintenance are all features to be considered when choosing plants. Whether you would like new planting plans to complement your new garden design or would like to revitalise your existing beds, I will prepare layout specifications showing how the plants will be arranged and how many of each are required.

I offer a full plant supply and planting service.

Nurture: Aftercare

Gardens take time to establish, grow and develop. A maintenance plan providing you with a month-by-month guide to help ensure your garden and plants thrive and is also available.

About Me

I have always loved to spend time in the garden – since childhood it has been a place of nourishment on a physical and energetic level but for a long time I didn’t really understand why, I just knew I felt better after being out amongst nature. As an adult, I recognise the importance of that connection with the natural world and the tremendous health benefits that spending time outside can bring.

A qualified yoga teacher since 2011, my designs are informed by an intuitive understanding of the way gardens make us feel and how a well-designed garden can have a hugely positive impact on our mental and physical well-being. My belief is that a garden should bring you joy whether you are in it or looking out at it; it should be a place to reflect in and connect to, a space which has the energy to soothe and invigorate and a place of sensory stimulation which nourishes the soul.

Having lived and worked overseas, embracing the challenge of creating garden spaces in each new climate, I am now settled in North Wiltshire. I completed my diploma (Distinction) in Garden Design in 2022 and love to work closely with each client to design a garden space which suits their needs, personality and lifestyle.

If you are interested in finding out more about the services I offer, please get in touch.


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